Application Description Download
Swiper Logo Swiper Clean Your Gallery Swipe your images in your gallery; left to delete, right to keep it. Supports ss, albums and videos too. Download
Glass Timer Icon Glass Timer A simple sandglass timer, visible, accessible, fun to use. Download

My Tools

As a part of developments and my daily life, I pay attention to convert my operations into a automation. These tools are my scripts or tiny apps to make my pipelines easy. My intention is to publicly open the code as much as possible.

More tools are available on Github as Repostiories and Gists.

Tool Description Link Source Code
Xcode String Catalog to Table A web app utility to manage Xcode String Catalog Localizations View the Tool Github
Kindle To Notion A Toolset designed to transport Kindle Highlights into Notion Github
Zendesk Help Center Article Exporter By keeping category, section and articles hierarchy, uses Zendesk’s public api w/o any authentication Github